Lisa Cach has a delightful sense of humor that shines brightly throughout this lively tale. As George goes about trying to kill Belch and falling in love with Alison, they must conquer their personal demons and find a way to return to the present.

Each year the villagers sacrifice a virgin to the dragon, Belch, in hopes that the beast will be satisfied. This year, one woman decides to send a champion to finish Belch off instead.

Twelve years ago, Alison had been sent to feed the dragon. Cleverly she evaded his jaws, and since then she has taken control of the creature's castle, rescuing the young girls sent to the beast year after year.

Pro wrestler George is having a bad year, so he agrees to let his medieval historian sister test her "New Age" coping methods on him. When he finds himself in Allison's village, George believes that his sister has simply made his visualizations come to life.

When George first appears, Alison disguises herself as an old crone and tells the girls to keep hidden so no one discovers their secret. But as George persists in his mission, it becomes difficult for Alison to keep up her charade.

(Jun., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin