Image of Georgia On His Mind


Image of Georgia On His Mind
Winston Andrew Whittaker IV and his best friend know how to have a good time. Normally it surrounds a wager. Their latest is a humdinger, and it means Win has to travel to Magnolia Bluff, Ga. This successful attorney is to travel south and survive with $200, no credit cards and no car, and he can't use his connections or education to improve his situation. If he wins he makes partner in the law firm. Then he meets Miss Kendrick "Kenni" McAllister, and all bets are off. But is he a romance kind of guy? Win is about to learn a lot about himself. Georgia on His Mind (4), by Ann DeFee, is a laugh-out-loud romance from the first page. Kenni and Win are incomparable, and their romance is touching and sweet. This book is a wonderful escape.
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers