Image of Georgia Sweethearts (Love Inspired)


Image of Georgia Sweethearts (Love Inspired)
GEORGIA SWEETHEARTS (4) by Missy Tippens: Aunt Talitha’s will stipulates that Lilly Barnes and her sister Jenna must run the yarn shop she left to them for one year before they can sell it. They reluctantly agree to allow Pastor Daniel Foreman to lease out the basement for services, per Talitha’s verbal contract with him. Lilly dreams of returning to Kentucky to pursue a career as a photojournalist and is just biding her time. Both Lilly and Daniel are dealing with past issues stemming from their dysfunctional families, but together they begin to find the healing they seek. Tippens’ imperfect and charming characters learn to lean on God for direction, and to use their hurt to help others.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee