Breanne's wedding day isn't going exactly the way she'd planned. First, she's left at the altar. Then when she decides to honeymoon solo, she winds up on a flight from hell and loses her luggage. Breanne ends up snowed in at a spooky mountain lodge run by a creepy staff. To top it all off, she finds "Gorgeous Naked Guy" (aka Cooper Scott) in her shower. This infuriating hottie has her suite and isn't leaving! How can a girl stick to her "no more men" oath with all that sex appeal in her space?

Vice cop Cooper needs this vacation badly and doesn't plan on giving it up for anyone, not even sexy Breanne. But he wouldn't mind sharing his big old bed with her. Unfortunately, Cooper has to put his seduction plans on hold when Breanne stumbles upon a dead body in the cellar. Now this hot-blooded and intrepid twosome must Get a Clue and find the killer.

Shalvis' "Wicked" Women Whodunit book shines with a madcap mystery and zany, eclectic characters. Hilarity runs rampant, and the sex sizzles from beginning to end in this irresistible page-turner! (Sep., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell