Image of The Getaway God: A Sandman Slim Novel


Image of The Getaway God: A Sandman Slim Novel

Light up a Malediction and pour yourself a glass of Aqua Regia, readers — Stark has returned. Followers of Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series will savor the sixth installment, which is chock-full of James Stark’s biting humor and all the familiar faces fans have grown to love. Stark continues to evolve as a character, righting wrongs from his past and investing further in his relationship with girlfriend Candy.

After narrowly escaping the Angra Om Ya, James Stark is back with the Golden Vigil, a supernatural arm of the government led by uptight Larson Wells. But the old gods just won’t quit, and a string of macabre deaths caused by an elusive serial killer called the Wildfire Ripper are among Stark’s latest worries. With the help of a smart-mouthed mummy, Stark must weather the rainy apocalypse that’s destroying the universe to face an old enemy, stop the Ripper and quiet the raging storm. (HARPER VOYAGER, Sep., 400 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna