Personal trainer Casey Thompson has moved away from home, changed her hairstyle and acquired a sexy new wardrobe. Now she wants a man—assistant district attorney Craig McDermott. Too bad Craig doesn't seem to know she exists.

When working out in the gym where Casey works, Craig would have to be a eunuch not to recognize her less-than-subtle hints. Soon he's out of his legal briefs and doing some bedroom exercises with Casey. But he has carefully charted his career path, and a relationship isn't in the stars.

GETTIN' IT ON is a romantic romp in the style of Doris Day and Rock Hudson, only this time we get to see what happens after they close the bedroom door—and it's steamy! Readers will laugh out loud as Casey and Craig explore everything from sex toys to how-to books—and in the end discover the one thing that makes sex perfect: love. (dl $4.45)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen