Six weeks before their wedding, socialite Claudia Fisher's fiance, Adam Hart, is behaving strangely. Always insatiable, he's reached a new level and now expects Claudia to satisfy his sexual whims in public. Claudia puts it down to prenuptial jitters, but she's still uneasy.

Meanwhile, her two closest friends are also having man problems. Photographer Anneliese Crawford and her attorney husband, Charles, no longer have sex. He claims job stress is to blame, but she suspects there's another reason. News anchor Lishelle Jennings is dateless despite her fame, so the reappearance of her ex-lover, pilot Glenn Baxter, renders her vulnerable. Suddenly, they're engaged and she's backing his charter airline start-up.

Happiness seems to be at hand, then Claudia, Annie and Lishelle are betrayed in the worst possible ways. Leaving only one thing on all of their minds: Revenge!

Well plotted and with an appealing chick-lit sensibility, this novel is more about the nature of relationships (specifically women's friendships) than it is about sex. That's not to say it lacks heat -- it definitely doesn't! (May, 356 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer