Thirteen years ago, 19-year-old Ben Foster abandoned his pregnant girlfriend. Born into a troubled family himself, Ben was not equipped emotionally or financially to deal with fatherhood.

Years later, while still a bit of a drifter, Ben realizes the mistake he made when he chose not to be involved in his daughter Alannas life.

Following the death of his grandmother, Ben decides to track down his biological daughter and give her a precious family heirloom. He finds her living with their Aunt Emilie in Bethlehem, New York. A carpenter and builder by trade, Ben bides his time by fixing up the newly purchased home of high-powered businesswoman, Lynda Barone.

Bethlehem is a town touched by angels, and gifted author Pappano continues to populate her stories with wonderfully rich and complex people. (Sep., 363 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith