Chef Lily Morrisette is close to opening her own restaurant. To save money, she rents a room from Laguna Beach heiress Glynnis Taylor. Lily doesn't know that the house actually belongs to Glynnis' older brother, Zach Taylor, a career marine.

When Zach unexpectedly returns home, he is incensed to find Lily there. He makes a snap judgment, causing her to refuse to explain the situation. Zach, worried about his sister, tries to learn her whereabouts from Lily. Lily finally explains that Glynnis and her new fiancé are on a trip to Washington State to introduce Glynnis to his family. Determined to rescue his sister from this fortune hunter, Zach hops into his car. Fearing that Glynnis and David won't know what hit them, Lily invites herself along. What neither Zach nor Lily realize is that they have picked up a stalker who holds a grudge against Zach and plans to take it out on Lily.

Using her patented blend of humor, action and romance, author Susan Andersen adds another winner to her collection. Zach and Lily are at each other's throats but soon learn they need each other when things get rough. (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith