Image of Getting Lucky


Image of Getting Lucky

It’s been a few years since readers have seen the characters from Perrin’s Getting series, but they are back and having sex that is hotter than Atlanta in August. Unfortunately, the book feels disjointed as each woman tells her own story, and most of the plot twists are familiar.

Annelise is on the verge of becoming a mother and wants her friends to be as happy as she is. So, she decides to find them the perfect man by secretly inviting two brothers to their girls-only getaway. When Lishelle finally gives in to her man candy, she’s annoyed that she can’t get a certain rapper out of her mind, even though he’s engaged to another woman. Claudia’s self-imposed celibacy disappears as quickly as her clothes under the onslaught of the “nerdy” brother. When tragedy strikes, they rethink what’s important to discover true love and lasting happiness. (SPICE, Sep., 384 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison