Image of Getting Some


Image of Getting Some

Getting Even's sequel has plenty of strong conflict and action. Its drawback: With everybody trying to get their proverbial groove back, the sex scenes get repetitive. But at least some of the male characters are decent people this time around.

Shortly after their skillfully executed revenge on their exes in Costa Rica, photographer Anneliese Crawford, news anchor Lishelle Jennings and socialite Claudia Fisher are in varying stages of emotional recovery. Anneliese is nearly divorced and happy with her new man. Lishelle is unwillingly tempted by an attractive young rapper. And Claudia's making do with her favorite sex toy. Worst off is Anneliese's sister Samera, an ex-stripper. She's given up a nice guy and reunited with her slimy ex-boyfriend.

Things get better for everyone when Anneliese shares the proceeds from the sale of her home with Lishelle, Claudia and Samera -- by taking them to Las Vegas for a glamorous weekend of shopping, partying and female bonding. Everyone has a great time except Samera, whose evening with a wealthy businessman goes horribly wrong. The consequences from that night follow them all back to Atlanta. (SPICE, Mar., 336 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart