This winning, humorous and exceptionally charming romance will delight readers seeking a love and laughter supernatural read.

Ian Ashingford, Marquess Lindley, is living every man's worst nightmare-he's being haunted by his mother-in-law!

While she was alive, Isabelle Harwell was determined to thwart her daughter Daphne's marriage to Ian, the son of the man she despised. When the wedding takes place despite her anger, she devises a scheme to drive Ian away. Just after Ian deserts his bride, Isabelle dies.

She cannot rest in peace until she helps Ian and Daphne find love, so she sets about haunting her son-in-law's home, disrupting and manipulating his life until he realizes that he must win his wife's love or forever put up with Isabelle's antics.

As Daphne and Ian solve their problems Isabelle discovers a pair of con-artists plotting to find a lost treasure and commit murder if they must. Now, not only must Isabelle bring love to Daphne and Ian, but she must save their lives.

(Aug., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin