Image of Ghost of a Chance (A Ghost Finders Novel)


Image of Ghost of a Chance (A Ghost Finders Novel)

This first book in Green’s newest series embodies everything his fans expect in his novels: interesting characters with plenty of room for growth, lots of action laced with sharp humor and a well-honed sense of the macabre. Green sometimes has difficulty reining himself in during action sequences, and they can grow repetitive and lose their effectiveness. The dialogue here is sometimes stilted, and the character development, especially Melody’s, could be richer, but Green has laid a solid foundation for an engaging series with seemingly unlimited potential.

A team of operatives from the Carnacki Institute, which deals with all things paranormal, is sent to investigate a haunting in the Oxford Circus Tube Station that has caused major havoc in London. JC, Melody and Happy Jack have their hands full dealing with the full-blown nightmare they discover there; they don’t need added interference from their rivals at the less-than-altruistic Crowley Project, who arrive unannounced — and prepared to kill. (ACE, Sep., 272 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter