Maybe Bret Thornton is stone crazy. How else can he account for the fact that the gorgeous singer at the bar looks exactly like the ghost woman he thought he dreamed up? His investigation of the matter leads him on a strange trail to solve a murder he's not sure has happened—yet.

Milly Brzezynski never expected to fall in love again after her husband's death. While she finds the handsome stranger attractive, she isn't sure why she doesn't immediately trust Bret. He seems to have good intentions, but his curiously intense interest in her twin-sister's recent disappearance is alarming. The thought that he may know more than he is willing to admit frightens Milly—right into his arms.

Follow Bret and Milly on a journey that puts no boundaries on excitement, mystery or thrills and proves that intuition is the greatest mystery of all.

Ms. Lloyd has done a great job in unveiling clues to her readers without giving away the story or the plot. Unfortunately, the first half of the book moves very slowly. Nevertheless, this is a good read for a long, rainy afternoon. (Aug., 140 pp., $7.00.)

Reviewed by: 
Nikki Roberts