Image of Ghost of a Chance


Image of Ghost of a Chance

If you like mysteries peppered with imps, poltergeists and other assorted spirits, you'll enjoy Marsh's new
paranormal series, set in the same Otherworld as MacAlister's paranormal romances. Her main character, Karma, is half-mortal and half-polter, and the paranormal elements are imaginative and enlightening. But the mystery drags with too much dialogue and too little action. Fortunately, the ending redeems the story.

Karma Marx, an exterminator of troublesome spirits, can't wait to divorce her immoral mortal husband Spider. But he wants her to cleanse a house he recently purchased in exchange for an easy divorce. Karma agrees, but she soon learns that he obtained the house through shady dealings, and the former owner is furious.

Karma and her Otherworld entourage head to the house and soon end up sealed in the house with the owner, Spider and his shady business partner and his wife. It's not long before Spider winds up dead and Karma has the unpleasant task of finding his killer. (OBSIDIAN, Feb., 288 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin