Image of A Ghost of a Chance (Legends)


Image of A Ghost of a Chance (Legends)

A wonderfully imaginative story continues from Ivey's Beaudry's Ghost. The pace is fast, the sex is hot and the characters are well developed and a joy to know. The ending ties up a number
of loose ends from the previous story.

Newly engaged Carey Magennis is visiting Ireland with her fiance while he makes contacts for his fledgling international real estate firm. A just-for-fun tarot card reading predicts a future far different from the one Carey plans and is set in motion when she is saved from drowning by Troy Brannon. Troy is no ordinary man, but a spirit on a mission to find a missing ghost. Somehow tied to Carey, they soon find her daydreams are too realistic to be comfortable, and some interesting discoveries are made about Troy's situation in the spirit realm. (SAMHAIN, 2009, 248 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley