Image of Ghost of a Dream (A Ghost Finders Novel)


Image of Ghost of a Dream (A Ghost Finders Novel)

This deliciously over-the-top series is never going to pass for great literature, and Green clearly isn’t aiming for that. But it is undeniably a fun, free-wheeling romp with things that go bump in the night. Two-dimensional characters aside, this is an enjoyable read with slapstick vignettes and cleverly devised situations. However, beneath the silliness is a serious examination of how corrupted dreams of fame can lead to unfortunate consequences.

On their latest mission, Ghost Finders JC, Melody and Happy Jack are tasked with investigating a haunted theater. When they arrive, they are forced to work with limited resources and no help from the Carnacki Institute, which has been infiltrated by minions of the Flesh Undying, a creature bent on destroying all of reality in order to return to its own dimension. Left high and dry because of this crisis, the trio at the Haybarn Theater determines that what they’re facing is no ordinary haunting. Opposing spiritual forces are primed to clash as each is determined to put on a great show before the curtain falls. (ACE, Aug., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter