Image of Ghost Flower: First Edition


Image of Ghost Flower: First Edition

Readers may remember Jaffe’s most excellent adult novels (both historical and mystery) and her latest YA offering is just as awesome. The author weaves a luxurious mystery, starring rich teens, that will make any old-school Christopher Pike fan giddy with glee. You’ll be thinking about this one long after the last page.

Eve is a down-on-her-luck runaway when she meets siblings Bain and Bridgette. They have an alluring proposition: they want Eve to impersonate their missing cousin Aurora (whom Eve looks exactly like) long enough to get Aurora’s inheritance. Then, they’ll split the money. Eve thinks it sounds too good to be true, especially when she learns that Aurora disappeared right after her best friend Liza’s death. Even worse, now Liza’s back! (RAZORBILL, May, 358 pp., $9.99, PB, ISBN: 9781595143969, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno