Image of Ghost Hero (Bill Smith & Lydia Chin)


Image of Ghost Hero (Bill Smith & Lydia Chin)

Rozan delivers another thoroughly entertaining, meticulously plotted and utterly riveting installment of her Lydia Chin/Bill Smith series. It feels like welcoming in old friends who have a knack for getting themselves into the weirdest sort of scrapes, and rival PI Jack Lee is a delightful addition.

PI Lydia Chin is hired to investigate an art-world rumor: three paintings by a Chinese dissident believed to have died during the Tianamen Square uprising will be revealed at an upcoming show. If the paintings are real, it means a huge windfall to the gallery obtaining the paintings, and a big public embarrassment for the Chinese government. Lydia learns not only that her client is not who he says he is, she’s not the only PI who’s been hired to track down the paintings. Enter Jack Lee, whose client desperately hopes the paintings are fakes. As they team up and cautiously begin sharing information, the stakes are suddenly raised sky high and soon they’re plotting an elaborate scheme to not only get to the truth, but also to save their own lives. (MINOTAUR, Oct., 336 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener