Image of Ghost Seer (The Ghost Seer Series)


Image of Ghost Seer (The Ghost Seer Series)

Owens’ fans are in for a treat as she launches a wonderful new paranormal series featuring a reluctant ghost seer. Following her eccentric and wealthy aunt’s death, Clare learns her inheritance is more than she bargained for once she starts being able to communicate with ghosts. It wouldn’t be an Owens book without an animal sidekick, this time in the form of Enzo, the ghostly talking Labrador. With thrills, chills and romance, Ghost Seer kicks this series off in style!

No-nonsense accountant Clare Cermak doesn’t want her new genetic inheritance: the ability to help ghosts move on. But there is no returning this gift; either you accept and cope, or you die. Former Montana deputy sheriff Zack Slade’s life has been shattered by a bullet. With one foot permanently damaged, Zack relocates to Denver to figure out what to do next. Being a P.I. is not Zack’s first choice, but when Tony Rickman offers him a job, Zack takes it. Clare and Zack cross paths and discover they are both reluctantly embarking on new careers. That Zack has a touch of paranormal talent is something he won’t admit, but as their worlds collide, it could be vital to them both. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith