Image of The Ghosts Of Ashbury High


Image of The Ghosts Of Ashbury High

For a gothic novel, Moriarty's tale boasts a major sense of humor. Its tongue-in-cheek approach to ghost stories makes a somewhat meandering tale a lot more palatable. (Warning: The zingers come fast and furiously!) Told from various viewpoints in innovative ways (i.e. school essays, web blogs, PTA correspondences), it's a fun, updated take on the modern day ghost story.

Everyone at Ashbury High — teachers, students and parents — has an opinion on the two new mysterious seniors walking the hallowed halls. Known as “bad kids” at their last high school, no one knows for sure how Amelia and Riley were awarded a highly coveted scholarship to Ashbury.
Three friends become involved in Amelia and Riley’s complicated relationship. Seemingly without flaw, the couple appear to do everything well. But with rumors circulating about an Ashbury High ghost (or ghosts!), everyone’s life is gearing up for a major change — even Amelia and Riley’s. (ARTHUR A. LEVINE BOOKS, Jun., 480 pp., $18.99, ISBN: 9780545069724, HC, 12 & Up)


Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg