Rachel Calloway's father's restaurant has been blown up. Now her father is accused of doing it. The prosecuting attorney Nicholas Hunter, known as "The Hunter," must prove her father is guilty. Things turn complicated, however, when Rachel's job has her working in close contact with Nick.

The attraction they feel for one another is unwanted—and uncontrollable. The real problems start when someone tries to kill Rachel and she finds herself turning to Nick for help.

GHOSTS OF FIRE is an exciting, quickmoving story that does not allow for interruptions of any sort. Nick is a wonderful hero and Rachel is a perfect match for him. The mystery will keep you guessing until the near end. If you enjoy a baffling mystery skillfully mixed with an excellent romance, don't miss GHOSTS OF FIRE. (Jun., 339 pp., $18.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley