Image of Ghoul Interrupted: A Ghost Hunter Mystery


Image of Ghoul Interrupted: A Ghost Hunter Mystery

This time around the big bad is no ghost, but an ancient demon sporting a hefty grudge. Laurie moves the action to New Mexico and brings in Native American culture and myths. Our intrepid ghost-busting trio of M.J. Halliday, Gilley Gillespie and Heath Whitefeather is in excellent form as they face an all-too-personal danger. Laurie’s talent sparkles in this funny, scary and intense thriller.

M.J. and the gang are prepping for the next installment of their reality show Ghoul Getters, when M.J. gets spectral visits from both her deceased mother and her spirit guide, Heath’s grandfather, Sam Whitefeather. Sam warns that Heath’s uncle has been murdered by an ancient and deadly demon spirit whose goal is to wipe out all the Whitefeather descendants. Heath, M.J. and Gilley fly to New Mexico only to learn of a second death. They get their first taste of what they are up against when the dragonlike demon attacks their lodge. Hindered by tribal restrictions and the refusal to believe something evil is stalking the Whitefeathers, M.J. and Gilley may be forced to take stealthy steps, for they are also in the demon target sights. (OBSIDIAN, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith