Image of The Ghoul Next Door: A Ghost Hunter Mystery


Image of The Ghoul Next Door: A Ghost Hunter Mystery

Longtime fans of Laurie’s terrific Ghost Hunter Mystery series will find this newest installment both thrilling and nostalgic, for it features M.J. Halliday’s ex, Dr. Steven Sable, and the team’s return to their home base of Boston. There is a bittersweet edge to this tale that pours on the terrifying and scary. Another patented Laurie gem.

M.J., Gilley and Heath are back in Boston trying to restore some normalcy to their lives. As usual, the peace doesn’t last long. M.J.’s former lover hits her with a double whammy: He’s engaged and he wants her help. His fiancée’s brother, Luke, might be possessed. Although happily in love with Heath, M.J. is conflicted, but they look into Luke’s symptoms and find a highly dangerous situation. While under camera surveillance, an unresponsive Luke goes out at night only to return covered in blood. Now the trio is looking at a murder investigation. (OBSIDIAN, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith