Image of The Gift


Image of The Gift

Readers will rejoice at the return of one of the romance genre's special talents! Stover is back and jumping right into the romantic suspense game while giving
it a paranormal twist. Stover's heroine is competent yet damaged, both by
the past and by her "gift." This melting
pot of murder mystery, passion and ghosts makes for an outstanding
storytelling stew!

Trying to cope with her paranormal gift while self-medicating with alcohol cost homicide detective Beth Dearborn her job. Now a recovering alcoholic, Beth works as an insurance investigator. Her newest case takes her to Brubaker, Tenn., where she tries to discover what happened to Lorilee Brubaker Malone.

Seven years after his wife's disappearance, and at the urging of his teenage daughter, Ty Malone asks Avery Mutual Insurance to declare Lorilee dead. Once Beth crosses the Malones' entryway, she senses the presence of a ghost. Is it Lorilee or someone else? When a bridge collapse forces Beth to stay with the all-too-sexy Ty and his kids, she fears for her objectivity. When someone sabotages her car and shoots at her, Beth knows she's getting close to the truth. (LOVE SPELL, Nov., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith