Three of Harlequins elite authors gift readers with a treasure trove just in time for the holidays.

When a rakish viscount decides to have one final fling before settling down to wedded bliss with the lady of his fathers choosing, little does he expect to fall head over heels for the mysterious opera dancer he takes to the secluded home of a friend. Both the viscount and the dancer get more than they bargained for in Mary Baloghs Christmas tale, A Handful of Gold.

Intent upon consummating her wedding of six years before midnight on Christmas Eve—lest the vows be dissolved and she is forced to wed a man not of her choosinga desperate lady sets out to convince her estranged husband, whom she has not seen in years, that she is no longer the child-bride he wed. In A Drop of Frankincense, Merline Lovelace charms readers with her witty and heartwarming story of loves triumph.

When a man whos lost the will to live discovers a mere slip of a maiden with a heart of gold he receives the greatest of gifts—everlasting happiness and love. Suzanne Barclays A Touch of Myrrh will make your heart soar. SENSUAL (Dec., 273 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor