Rachel Best watches the sea in hopes of her husbands return. Though he has been reported dead, she will not believe he is gone. Rachel is on the shore when a whaling vessel is brought in and she helps rescue its lone survivor, Captain Jared Mitchell.

As captain of the Huntress, Jared had seen enough joy, success and sorrow for a lifetime. Suddenly finding himself weak, unable to care for himself and dependent on a stubborn widow is not easy for Jared to handle. To top it off Rachels young daughter decides to attach herself to Jared, reminding him of the greatest loss of his life.

Though Jared is as different as her husband as night is to day, Rachel finds herself drawn to Jared, and he to her. Their mutual loneliness and need for affection, their personal fears and demons, the past losses and dreams of the future bring them together and help nurture a love that must be strong enough to overcome guilt.

The power and emotional impact of GIFT FROM THE SEA comes, not only from the romance, but from the three-dimensional characters personalities, flaws and strengths. Ms. Goodger understands the New Englanders soul just as she does the inner workings of a mans mind and a womans heart.

Each and every character is carefully drawn against an intricate backdrop and so realistic that we can believe we are part of this hard-to-forget love story. SENSUAL (Dec., 328 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin