The male characters in this story are interesting. It is very sweet to see them attempting to get along in order to protect Evvie. However, the interactions between Evvie and her men tends to be a bit awkward, which dampens the chemistry between the main characters.

When her father passes away, Evelyn Collins, aka Evvie, inherits her family’s pawn shop. Evvie throws herself into the business with time left over for her friends but doesn’t have a boyfriend. But un- beknownst to her, both detective Joshua Rosen and restaurateur Harve Liddell are in love with her. Determined to see which one she wants, the men tell her the truth about how they feel. In order to help Evvie decide, they agree to let her choose to have them separately or at the same time. Evvie finds herself falling in love with both of them. Is their offer to share her temporary, or can she keep both of the men forever? (SIREN PUBLISHING, dl., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak