After a multiyear absence, Baird Jones makes a very welcome return by once again visiting the alternate reality first explored in The Key. Time paradoxes run amok in this extraordinarily complex tale. Amongst the densely packed and mind-bending action, there's also some welcome humor. A spectacular ride!

Doc has been sent far into the galaxy on a dual mission; to prevent a war between Earth and the Gadi by using her unique skills to recover people lost through a time portal. Helfron Giddioni, leader of the Gadi and defender of the galaxy, is juggling attempted coups and vying with Earth forces over an outpost on planet Kikk. Doc has never been tempted by a man, but something sparks between her and Hel. They're suddenly thrust into a bizarre scenario that has them facing dangerous events where time can be the enemy. (L&L DREAMSPELL, Apr., 434 pp., $18.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith