Mason’s heroine isn’t entirely sympathetic — one can feel the attempt to paint her as a sort of female Inspector Clouseau — bumbling, accident-prone, out of her depth — but it’s too much and she never appears to be in any sort of control. Neither does the writing; it at once feels rushed and tedious. The ostensible ghost-hunting plot falls quickly by the wayside in favor of other paranormal complications that are more confusing and irritating than intriguing, and Mason returns repeatedly to the same conflicts and jokes, many of which involve the same repetitious conversations. For a story touted as erotica, there’s hardly any sex (much less chemistry), and what scenes are there fall short in terms of description and intensity.

Giselle Hunter is in Savannah, Ga., looking for a ghost and finding anything but. Her job as a parapsychology reporter is on the line, so she enlists the help of hunky PI Ry Leland, who thinks her investigation is a bunch of hooey. But then there’s an attempt on Giselle’s life, and then another, which makes them wonder: Is there a ghost in Savannah? And if so, who doesn’t want Giselle to find it? (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener