Image of The Girl from Junchow


Image of The Girl from Junchow

This sequel to The Russian Concubine propels the heroine on a search for her father in the prison camps of Siberia. Furnivall transports readers to the wilds of Russia and delivers a tale that sweeps across the area with drama and passion, grand characters and the scope of an epic that will richly satisfy her fans.

As a White Russian emigree in China, Lydia survived a harsh life. Like her mother, she believed her father was dead. Then she discovers he's alive and in a camp in Siberia. She locates her half-brother Alexei, and the two travel across the continent, hunting for clues they hope will lead them to their father.

They end up in Siberia, and although it's a bleak landscape, they're filled with hope. When they're separated, Lydia, always able to rely on her wits, is fortunate to be befriended by the camp commandant's wife. But finding her father is only part of Lydia's quest. She's also searching for herself and what she wants from life. Is it life in Russia, or will she return to her Chinese lover? What will happen when her worlds collide, and what dangerous choices must she make to find happiness? (BERKLEY, Jun., 450 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin