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Charlotte Godowski led a life of sorrow. From the age of five when a group of cruel children labeled her with the nickname Charley Horse, and told her for the first time that she was ugly, she knew that she'd never have a life like everyone else.

At twenty a stroke of bad luck turns her life around; she capitalizes on the advances of a lecherous boss, and finds a doctor who says he can make her beautiful. A painful surgical procedure and a move to California bring Charlotte Godfrey to life.

With her new name, and a Hollywood agent who says that he can make her a star, Charlotte sees most of her dreams coming true. Meeting Michael Mondragen could complete her dreams as the two fall in love. But love built on lies, as Charlotte fears sharing her past with anyone, is certainly off to the wrong start. And when health problems threaten the life she's created, she fears slipping back to her sad past.

In a gripping story dealing with a sensitive issue, Ms. Monroe will grab your heart. Though there are some convoluted plot points, her characters choices are tough ones we will all be thankful we don't have to make.(Sep., 448 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson