Image of A Girl Named Digit


Image of A Girl Named Digit

Originality can be hard to come by sometimes in YA. Monaghan delivers action, romance, beauty and brains in this one-of-a-kind teen novel about a math genius turned crime fighter. Sure, there are the usual coming-of-age and romantic themes here, too, but the unique plot, characters and setting make for a very entertaining ride.

For Farrah Higgins, hiding her inner math genius is just a way to survive high school. When a terrorist attack hits JFK airport, Farrah realizes she was forewarned. As she investigates, the theory she formulates hits too close to home, and the local terror cell comes after her. Farrah goes into hiding with the young and super-cute FBI agent John Bennet. Catching terrorists wasn’t part of her high school curriculum, but there’s no denying this very real threat. (HOUGHTON MIFFLIN, Jun., 352 pp., $16.99, HC, ISBN: 9780547668529, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller