Image of Girl with a Pearl Earring: A Novel


Image of Girl with a Pearl Earring: A Novel

The woman behind Dutch master Vermeers painting known as the Dutch Mona Lisa is the focal point of this riveting first novel.

As a young girl Griet is sent to be a servant to Vermeers household, but soon becomes the painters assistantand more. The artists wife, who has been banished from his studio due to her disinterest, is threatened by Griet, so they hide their bond. The secret of her apprenticeship is safe until a patron asks Vermeer to make her the subject of a portrait.

Wearing his wifes pearl earring, Griet poses and the painting creates a scandal, placing she and Vermeer in a complex situation that will change her life forever.

GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING is a marvelous portrait of a tumultuous era in Dutch history that presents a deep look into the world of art and a grand masters life and soul. (Available now, 233 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin