This Arthurian legend-like sequel carries us into the Dominion, a kingdom of tiered nobility, brutal pirates and all the inherent treachery, passion and magic such a world holds.

Lady Kaia Kurinon is stuffed away in a convent when a speaking dog (aka Merlin) lures her with promises of a land where women read and choose their husbands.

At court, Lady Kaia's disappearance creates havoc. Lord Eben Dhion, the most desired man in Dominion, goes to find her before their enemies do.

But fate leads Kaia and Eben into the hands of a pirate who tried to destroy Eben. This time he will use Kaia as his pawn. She, however, has learned a few tricks since leaving her sheltered life, but her daring attempt to rescue them will cost her. She will have to choose between the promises of a new world, or her static role sans Eben's love.

Kaia leads Eben on a merry chase. Despite Eben's penchant for all-or-nothing male thinking, there is never a doubt that Kaia will triumph—and Klassel will keep you guessing until the last paragraph of this finely wrought tale. SENSUAL (Jun., 308 pp. $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black