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by Stef Ann Holm

Genre: Contemporary Romance, General Contemporary Romance

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Jillene McDermott's life seemed picture perfect. Married to her high school sweetheart, with two beautiful daughters and a new home and business, she had it all. Then her husband suddenly dies and she discovers that much of her life has been an illusion. Their business is struggling and Jillene finds herself selling off family assets just to keep their heads above water.

Jillene is more than ready to sacrifice her personal life for the well-being of her 10- and 12-year-old girls. She has no idea that her daughters have ideas of their own when it comes to their mom's love life. This includes writing a personal ad that winds up attracting all the wrong men.

Unbeknownst to her daughters, Cupid has plans of his own when Vince Tremonti, a famous mystery author, sidles into town. Rethinking the direction of his latest true crime novel, Vince comes home to visit his father. The last thing he needs is any complications in his life, and Jillene and her daughters are most definitely that.

With thoroughly delightful characters and a story rich in depth of plotting, Stef Ann Holm succeeds in delivering a sweeping tale for readers. The daughters are a meddling delight! (Oct., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed By: Debbie Richardson

Publisher: Mira

Published: October 2002

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4 Stars

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Girls Night

Submitted by Robin in PA on February 1, 2011 - 8:49pm.

Jillene McDermott is a widow with two daughters, trying to make a success of her late husband's coffee bar. Things aren't going well and her debt is getting higher. Then she meets Vince Tremonti, a successful True-Crime writer who has returned to his hometown to visit his father and rethink his career. Vince doesn't think the time is right for him to get involved with anyone. But as he and Jillene keep getting thrown together due to her daughters' scheming, Vince must might change his mind.

This was a solid contemporary romance with realistic characters. Jillene and Vince feel like real people with real problems. You couldn't help rooting for them, even if Vince had some commitment issues. I loved the secondary romance in this book which had Vince's dad trying to ask a lady he had loved for years to a Lobster dinner. My only problem with this book was that Vince took until the last few pages of the book to actually tell Jillene about his career problems that had brought him back to his hometown. My rating: 4 Stars.