The second in the Girls' Night Series features 25 short stories that range from witty to heartwarming to just plain hilarious. Each story is written by a different writer, who gives her personal take on life, romance and how to just get by. From weddings to well-wishes to wishes for the future, each story encompasses what it means to live, love and sometimes just have hope.

The book opens with "Wishing Carefully," a modern-day fairy tale by Marian Keyes, one of the first chick lit authors. When Kate makes a wish in an Australian aboriginal dreaming bowl for a fairy-tale romance, all she hopes for is a new guy to take her mind off her ex, but what follows is a hilarious line of men with too many quirks to count.

"Ladies' Night at the Underwood Pet Hospital," by Nicki Earls, gives new meaning to the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs." When Sally agreed to house-sit for her parents and watch over their cat, Arabella, she didn't know her parents were also trying to fix her up with the house- and pet-sitting guy next door! After she sees Brendan, she'll go as far as "accidentally" pushing her own cat over the backyard fence to have an excuse to meet him!

With stories by Emily Giffin, Lolly Winston, Meg Cabot and many others, this is one of those books that's fun to read and even more fun to share with friends. The storytelling is sharp but light and easygoing. If you don't feel like a real night out, then grab yourself a glass of chardonnay and this book for your own girls' night in. (Jun., 400 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kristen Foley