Image of Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica


Image of Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica

The heat level in this collection of short stories is consistently high with intense sex scenes between two female lovers, ménages (that may or may not include men) and even an orgy scene. Although each of the stories contains at least one vampire and a lesbian couple, there is little else connecting the works. Instead, this anthology has a bit of everything. From a daring BDSM tale in “Bound Love” by Christine D’Abo, to a sweet romance in “The Gift of Lilth” by Myla Jackson, to the truly bizarre in the pet shapeshifting story “Pet Door” by Angela Caperton, readers should be prepared for the unexpected while reading each short story in this collection.

The lesbian vampires in this anthology are dark, scary and quite proud of being unredeemed. The authors focus on different time periods and have plenty of different cultural inspirations including Egyptian myth, Mexican folk tales and even Biblical text. Furthermore, vampires are not the only creatures readers will encounter. A fallen angel, a witch, weres and other supernatural creatures make appearances in the 15 short stories contained in this collection. (CLEIS PRESS, September 2011, 256 pp., $14.95)

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Dawn Crowne