Image of Giselle's Choice


Image of Giselle's Choice
GISELLE’S CHOICE (1) by Penny Jordan: This is the continuation of Saul and Giselle’s story from last month’s The Reluctant Surrender. Giselle still hasn’t told Saul her secret when his cousin, the king of Arrezio, is killed by a car bomb. As the only surviving royal family member, Saul must assume his country’s leadership. Giselle can’t have children, so she plans to leave Saul, knowing he will need an heir. Only it turns out Giselle can have children, she’s just terrified to, because of her family history. Giselle’s “deep, dark secret” isn’t terrible enough to merit two books’ worth of reading to reveal. Long passages of Giselle’s angst-ridden thoughts, and a myriad of info-dump in lieu of showing the reader some significant events, make this an extremely disappointing read.
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Rhomylly Forbes