Looking for a quick read you can dive right into? Do yourself a favor and print out this novella. Holt delivers with delicious love scenes, a believable story and characters you care about. A perfect combination of wit, sexuality, experimentation and romance, it's over way too soon!

Callie Michaels is all dressed up with no one to show. She's been stood up on her birthday -- could anything be worse? Her best friend suggests she knock on the door of her neighbor Sam Winthrop, whom Callie has been lusting after him for months, and she quickly goes for it before she loses her nerve.

All it takes is her skimpy robe and some wine and Sam is in. Callie is all he can think about, but he thought a shy woman like her would run from his unusual appetites. Then he sees the bag of toys she purchased for her birthday. Turns out Callie is geared up for a walk on the wild side, and Sam is ready, willing and able to be her guide. (, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly