Image of Give Me A Cowboy


Image of Give Me A Cowboy

The stories in this collection take place at the same time, which allows readers to view the same situation from different perspectives. All the authors are well-versed in cowboys and create four very different heroes and the perfect women and plotlines for each of them.

Released from prison, Rowdy Darnell returns to his hometown just in time for the rodeo. But he doesn't have the fee to enter; will his former friend Laurel become his "Silent Partner" in Thomas' story?

Pace's "Luck of the Draw" brings former lovers Dally Angelo and Augusta "Gus" Garrison together again. But first bull rider Dally is determined to ride the bull that killed his father -- and Gus has a secret she must tell him.

In "Texas Tempest," by Broday, ranch owner Tempest LeDoux is looking for husband No. 6 and considering gunfighter McKenna Smith. Before McKenna knows it, he's participating in the rodeo and falling under Tempest's spell.

Meanwhile, in "Roping the Wind," by Miranda, undercover Pinkerton agent Morgan Payne gets involved with the fiery Alaine LeDoux while trying to find out about rustlers in the area. (ZEBRA, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager