Image of Give Me Fever   [GIVE ME FEVER] [Mass Market Paperback]


Image of Give Me Fever   [GIVE ME FEVER] [Mass Market Paperback]

Kaeden seems like the kind of man that Jade wouldn't notice, but they ignite the kind of fire that can't be ignored. Kaeden is definitely not a doormat, but the reader might find the resolution of their conflicts a bit predictable.

Kaeden Strong has lived his life in kind of a bubble because of his health issues, and he never thought the great outdoors were so great, anyway. Being raised on a ranch with brothers who loved nature was simply his life. But when Jade Price shows up, Kaeden knows it's time to make his move.

Jade runs a company that takes folks on adventures, and the Strong men decide to take the plunge. Kaeden signs up for the chance to get to know Jade better and it works even better than he thought when the two find themselves stranded overnight, away from the group. Then his secretary and her business partner join forces to try to keep Kaeden and Jade apart, but these two are too smart to deny and dismiss what's important: their future together. (DAFINA, May, 299 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins