Image of Give Me a Texas Outlaw


Image of Give Me a Texas Outlaw

This gang of authors turns outlaws, the ultimate bad boys, into some of the most dangerous, sexy and fine heroes of the season. Each novella is as unique as the author who penned the tale and is as exciting, action packed and sensual as a full-length novel.

Hopelessness drives Thomas’ heroine Cozette Camanez to invent a groom to save her ranch. But if he doesn’t show up she’ll lose everything. Enter “The Outlaw,” Michael Hughes, a desperado just desperate enough to marry Cozette and get his bumbling band to help secure her ranch — and maybe fall in love. When Larissa Patrick’s younger sister is kidnapped, only gunman Johnny Bravo can be trusted to rescue her. But Larissa isn’t about to let him do it alone. She’s Broday’s “Trouble in Petticoats,“ but Johnny falls head over heels for her. When lawman Ethan Kimble catches up with debutante bank robber Savannah Parker, he’s in for a surprise. The “Texas Flame” might hold a gun on him, but she hasn’t the heart to use it. Savannah needs a chance to explain to Ethan how she was led into a life of crime and help him catch the real villain. With the help of an orphaned boy and their own courageous hearts Miranda’s hero wins the day and her love. If one outlaw isn’t enough, then Pace gives you two who compete to be “Most Wanted.” Shadow Rivers and Odessa Kilmore manage to escape their enemies, but they’re forced to work together to survive. (ZEBRA, Jul., 400 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin