Image of The Given & the Taken (Tooth and Claw)


Image of The Given & the Taken (Tooth and Claw)

The love scenes in this novel are fueled and driven by passion and lust. Readers will get so wrapped up in these scenes that they may not even notice that the lovers are both male. The inclusion of werewolves and vampires doesn’t take away from the strong storyline, well- developed characters and realistic obstacles that have to be overcome. Witt creates a dazzling and erotic tale that will leave you wanting more.

For werewolves, a bonding ritual is conducted to indicate that two people are brought together for the rest of their current lifetimes. When Levi wishes to be bound to Ian, a human and a male, the elders of his clan force the couple to part for one year to test the strength of their relationship. Unable to stand being away from the man he loves, Ian takes up with Darius, who converts him into a vampire — a werewolf’s most hated enemy. Ian becomes public enemy No. 1 amongst the wolf clan, and it’s up to Levi and Darius to save him. (SAMHAIN, Dec., 320 pp., $17.00)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner