This good book has a very hot hero. Although it's billed as a romantic suspense, figuring out which Chase brother Maggie is going to choose offers more edge-of-your-seat reading than trying to
determine who her stalker is. There's plenty of heat between Maggie and
her hero, and plenty of secondary

Maggie Wright thinks that she's invisible. She teaches high school history and thinks she'll never catch the eye of the town's gorgeous bad boys, the Chase brothers. It turns out that she's wrong. She has caught the eye of both Shane and Kyle -- and when she finally settles on one, life should be good. Unfortunately, she's being stalked, and Kyle is the only one who's going to keep her centered. But will that be enough? (Samhain, Jan., 204 pp., $11.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers