Image of The Glass Is Always Greener (Den of Antiquity)


Image of The Glass Is Always Greener (Den of Antiquity)

The madcap adventures of Charleston Antique shop owner, Abigail Timberlake Washburn, and her feisty followers continues in this long-running mystery series that takes the gang to Charlotte, North Carolina. Those familiar with Myer’s Den of Antiquity series know her characters are eccentric and over the top. Some of their antics can be outlandish and unbelievable, but the laugh out loud moments and colorful murder suspects will keep readers entertained.

Abby can’t say no to her good friend Rob when he asks her to accompany him to North Carolina to attend his Aunt Jerry’s goodbye soiree. Aunt Jerry is convinced she will die on August 10th and has invited her relatives to a will reading party. Aunt Jerry, always eccentric, reads the will and insults several of her relatives in the process. Furthermore, she declares Abby the new owner of her enormous 22.5 carat emerald ring, even though she and Abby have just met. Later, Abby finds Aunt Jerry dead in a basement freezer and Abby is the prime suspect. Abby is in some hot water, but when her mama and friends C.J. and Wynell join her in Charlotte to clear her name, chaos and comedy ensues until the real killer is caught. (AVON, Jan., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin