The Family Heirlooms series has provided a wealth of great stories with characters that the audience can easily identify with, and this fourth book is no exception. Forgiveness, the deep emotions between parents and children and finding hope and faith when you believe they’re lost fill this plot.

Samantha Samuels has just learned that Ryder Feldman, the man who raped her three years ago, is about to be released from prison. Samantha has tried to find a way out of the darkness, but has been plagued by the fact that her own father, a pastor, stood up for Ryder at the trial. Kyle Feldmann was the love of Samantha’s life. When his brother hurt her, Kyle lost more than he could have possibly imagined. Now Sam is back in his world, working at a counseling center in the building Kyle owns. Sparks reignite between them as each desperate soul tries to find a way to forgive their families, forget the past and attempt to resurrect their love. (WHISKEY CREEK, Feb., 343 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor