Image of The Glass Butterfly


Image of The Glass Butterfly

Marley’s latest is a poetic blend of historical fiction and suspense. Readers are kept waiting anxiously in the dark for the details behind Tory’s escape, which are revealed little by little throughout the novel. Marley also awards readers with a book-within-a-book bonus, and a glimpse into the life of the renowned opera composer Puccini. Beautifully written and intimate, the endless intrigue and mystery in this novel will keep readers on their toes and eager to reach the conclusion.

When therapist Victoria “Tory” Lake learns that one of her patients is a murderer, she fakes her death and secretly flees across the country to prevent her 20-year-old son, Jack, from being the next victim. Clueless about Tory’s plan, Jack knows in his heart that his mother is still alive and sets out to find her. Meanwhile, Tory has assumed a new identity in a small, coastal Oregon town and is haunted by nightly dreams about her favorite opera composer, Giacomo Puccini. Tory then realizes that her dreams are trying to warn her that she is not done running. (KENSINGTON, Sep., 400 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun