Some people dream of having a fairy godmother; historian Paige Connor is blessed/cursed with the real thing. Ever since Millicent magically appeared during Paige's awkward teenage years, Paige has been discovering that you don't always get what you want. Millicent tells Paige she just hasn't learned the rules or realized the secret behind the magic.

Prince Nicholas (Niko) of the newly restored European country of Dargentia hires Paige to research the country's history and legends for a brochure to entice visitors and build a tourist industry.

A lot is riding on Paige's brochure. Niko has had to take out heavy loans from family member Edouard, who plots to gain power and influence when Niko fails to meet the payments.

Niko and Paige start off with a bang, when the Prince saves Paige from a runaway fork lift at the airport. Paige is dismayed to discover that Millicent is meddling again. While Paige is rapidly falling head over heels for the handsome prince, he is determined to help his country by marrying a princess.

Niko's countrymen, however, have other ideas. According to legend, the restored monarch must find Les Fabuleux, the crown jewels missing for centuries, and marry a commoner. The ball where Niko will select a bride is rapidly approaching. Can Paige decipher the clues to Les Fabuleux' location in time?

THE GLASS SLIPPER is a thoroughly charming update of Cinderella, complete with an endearing and wacky fairy godmother. Author Linda O. Johnson has written a winner! (July, 368 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith