When Eileen Pringle is offered the opportunity to have her dearest wish granted, shes certain she knows what she wantsfor her boss, Brock Van Buren, to fall in love with her.

Mirabelle Saintly, a Granter with the Wishmaker network, is under pressure. If she fails to help Eileen with her wish, the network will be disbanded forever. Unfortunately, Mirabelle isnt sure that Brock is good enough for her special client.

Daniel Manatucci is an FBI agent working undercover and Brock is his prime suspect. When Daniel brings Eileen in on the investigation, it isnt long before shes wondering if shes made the right wish.

Dosed liberally with humor, mystery, and magic, this is a sweet story with lessons about the power of unconditional love and the importance of self-esteem. Before our eyes, Eileen is transformed from a clumsy, frumpy, mess of a woman into a delightful heroine. (Dec., 224 pp., $8.50)

Reviewed by: 
Christine Chambers